Elves are one of the Five Races and are characterized by having pointy ears and being somewhat shorter than humans. They are divided racially and socially into three categories Sunrise Elves, Sunset Elves, and Low Elves. Elf society is broken into very clear parts with male and female gender roles strongly cemented in their culture. Furthermore Low Elves are directly placed underneath the rest of Elfkind.

Sunrise Elves Edit

Sunrise Elves are fair skinned and blond. Notable Sunrise Elves include Griffin and Gwendelyn.

Sunset Elves Edit

Sunset Elves are dark skinned and black haired.

Low Elves Edit

Low Elves are fair skinned and black haired. They make up a significantly lower class segment of the population. Low elves are frequently employed as servants and even prostitutes.

Religion Edit

Elves are notably pious creatures and will often look down on other races due to religious differences. Even wizards to whom they are allied are only respected if they have converted. Elves believe in Spirits who created the Five Races but who were mistaken in all the races but the Elves. Elves have an affinity for nature and take care of plants and animals alike.