The Five Races are the five intelligent creatures who occupy the Four Realms.


Wizards are one of the Five Races, and are powerful beings with a natural control of magic. Wizards are characterized with tell-tail violet eyes and are generally regarded as less emotional and more logical than any of the other races.


Humans are one of the Five Races and are among the most populous breeding at a higher rate than the others. they also have a penchant for creating weaponry and the arts.


Elves are one of the Five Races and are characterized by having pointy ears and being somewhat shorter than humans. They are divided racially and socially into three categories Sunrise Elves, Sunset Elves, and Low Elves. Elf society is broken into very clear parts with male and female gender roles strongly cemented in their culture. Furthermore Low Elves are directly placed underneath the rest of Elfkind.


Morphs are one of the Five Races and they posses the ability to change from a humanoid appearance to an animal form. While in animal form they retain their intelligence and acquire the skills and abilities of the animal. While at one time Morphs are said to have been able to turn into any animal modern Morphs are limited to Bears, Wolves, and Eagles. 


Gnomes are one of the Five Races and are on the verge of extinction as there are only nine members of their species left and all of them are male. As a species they are much smaller than the other races and speak in a language that is not well understood. Their existence is not well known and most beings believe them to be myths. The live with the Historian beneath a lake, and therefore do not have a native land hence there are only Four Realms.