Morphs are one of the Five Races and they posses the ability to change from a humanoid appearance to an animal form. While in animal form they retain their intelligence and acquire the skills and abilities of the animal. While at one time Morphs are said to have been able to turn into any animal modern Morphs are limited to Bears, Wolves, and Eagles. The notable exception to this rule is Alexia who can turn into a far greater selection of animals. Most other Morphs can change into Bears, Wolves, and Eagles throughout their childhood but must choose one form upon reaching adulthood. This ability to change form is regarded as the one aspect of magic that is not under the domain of Wizards. It is customary for Morphs to engage in sexual activities with multiple partners, often of either sex. It is also usual for Morphs to refrain from wearing clothing as it is more convenient when changing into animals. While in their humanoid form it is possible to pick out a Morph by their distinct scent.